Empowerment through Opportunity, Education and Economic Awareness

Why The Pennsylvania Women's Network? (PWN)

The PWN was founded in 2007 by Pamela S Gockley. Her vision is to provide an opportunity for all women to build a healthy support network and mentor systems.
Our Events: Get involved because it’s different!! And how is it different?

PWN is about empowerment through opportunity, education, and economic awareness. Our events are opportunities to build a new relationship with a new group of people. The "how" you nurture these new relationships is in your hands. We found that standing up and walking around engaging people in conversation is a very effective way to have a successful event. Since most people will not engage first or approach a table.

PWN is the ultimate in networking for women. No breakout sessions, just inspirational speakers like businesswomen and civic leaders sharing their experiences; as well as women experienced in networking, sharing their knowledge and helping other women develop the support system that they will need to succeed in whatever they choose to do.

PWN knows from experience that women don’t always know the value of their work because they are not paid by its value. Even today women still earn only seventy cents on the dollar or less compared to men doing the same work. We know that whether a woman makes a conscious choice to leave the job market, for whatever reason, or is forced to leave through downsizing, etc., that that woman will suffer economically in the future with lower earnings and lower retirement funds. And if she is the head of her household then the family suffers, too.

PWN also knows that the longer a woman stays out of the job market, the harder it is to re-enter, to recoup earnings lost, to get ahead in her career especially if she does not have a support network in place. One goal of PWN is to empower women to make their destiny through opportunity, education, and economic awareness.

PWN is glad that you will decide to be an active participant in this process and hopes that you find the events enlightening and empowering. Thanks for sharing your time and talents with each other.


Pamela S. Gockley
The Pennsylvania Women’s Network,


Our Vision:

We will create a cooperative venture among the many community and women's organizations and businesses to offer a venue that welcomes all women who are in search of Empowerment thru Opportunity, Education and Economic Awareness.